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01 How to avoid excessive tire wear?

Tire wear for two main reasons:

Tire pressure is not normal and often poor road conditions in the road. It is recommended that you always check that the tire pressure in your tire is within the normal range and that you try to avoid running on poor road conditions. If the tread depth of the tire is below the wear limit mark height, replace the tire immediately for your safety. In addition, good driving habits is also essential, should minimize the vehicle's emergency start and braking.

02 tire drum package of the root causes of that? How to avoid the formation of the daily drum bag phenomenon?
In the tire rubber layer within the tire, there are polyester cord and other materials composed of ply, which is the tire skeleton layer of force to ensure that the tire has the necessary strength and dimensional stability. Once the ply damage due to external forces, tire pressure will be out of control, resulting in uneven stress tire, ply damage will occur part of the prominent phenomenon (that is, drum phenomenon). If your tire has been bulging, for your safety, please replace immediately.

In the daily car and parking, should try to keep the tires in the flat road environment, to avoid the car faster through the bumps or depression of the obstacles (such as road teeth, pits or covers, etc.). If you have to drive in the harsh road conditions, then be sure to pay attention to - slow down the speed. Because the slower the speed, poor road obstruction to the impact of the tire will be lighter.

03 summer high temperatures, driving in the car, which should pay attention to the tire?
When the vehicle runs under high temperature in summer, the tires are prone to deformation due to the effect of thermal expansion and contraction, and the tire heats up continuously while the tire is running, so the air pressure is higher, and the extreme situation Under the pressure will cause too much tire puncture, thereby increasing the risk of vehicle traffic. Maintain tire pressure is to prevent the normal and stable tire to ensure safe driving the key. At the same time in the summer to pay more attention to tire testing. So as to effectively prevent the potential risk of tires.

04 winter traffic which need to pay attention to?
Winter comes, in the northern city will be covered with snow and ice. In winter conditions of extremely low temperature and snow and ice conditions, first of all to replace the winter tires. Because the general tire as the temperature decreases, the tire rubber will be hardened, tire grip and handling will be greatly reduced. But the special formula of winter tires, in very low temperature conditions will also maintain a good softness, supplemented by targeted design patterns to ensure the grip on the ice and snow on the road.

In addition to the replacement of winter tires, the winter driving should pay attention to control the speed, not too fast. In addition, do not forget the tire pattern often wear to confirm the degree, so as to ensure the safety of winter driving.

05 Advantages of filling nitrogen into tires?
(1) to improve tire stability and comfort

Nitrogen chemical properties of very inactive, gas molecules than the oxygen molecules, not easy to heat up and down, deformation rate is small, the infiltration of the tire sidewall slower than the air about 30 ~ 40%, to maintain a stable tire pressure, improve tire driving Stability, to ensure driving comfort; nitrogen audio conductivity is low, the equivalent of ordinary air 1/5, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise and improve driving serenity.

(2) to prevent puncture

Compared with the general high-pressure air, high-purity nitrogen because of oxygen-free and almost no water does not contain oil, its low coefficient of thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, slow heating, reducing the speed of tire heat, it can greatly reduce tire probability.

(3) to extend the tire life

The use of nitrogen, the tire pressure stable volume change is small, greatly reducing the possibility of irregular tire friction, such as the crown mill, tire shoulder wear, partial wear, improve the life of the tire; rubber aging by oxygen molecules in the air Oxidation, the aging of its strength and elasticity decreased, and there will be cracking phenomenon, which is caused by shortening the life of one of the reasons tires. Nitrogen gas separation device can greatly limit the oxygen in the air, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities, effectively reducing the oxidation of the tire lining layer and the phenomenon of rubber corrosion, corrosion of metal rims will not extend the tire Life, but also a great extent to reduce the situation of the rim rust.

(4) to reduce fuel consumption, environmental protection

Tire tire pressure and heat after the expansion of tires, tires rolling resistance increases, will cause the vehicle to increase fuel consumption; and nitrogen in addition to maintaining a stable tire pressure, delayed tire pressure reduction, the low thermal conductivity, heating slowly , The tire temperature is reduced, the rolling resistance is reduced, and the fuel consumption is reduced.

06 Tire is the main reason for the partial grinding?
The main reasons for the occurrence of partial grinding the following points:

(1) tire pressure is insufficient.

(2) wheel inward or outward tilt, this situation requires four-wheel positioning to correct the wheel position;

(3) the use of vehicle conditions, such as road, load, speed product driving habits will lead to partial tire wear.

07 summer tires, winter tires and four tires What is the difference?
Summer tires, drainage performance, and heat resistance is better; the temperature dropped to a certain extent, the performance of the tire will drop a lot.

Winter tires at very low temperatures, is still able to maintain good performance, in the snow and ice on the road has a good grip.

Four Seasons tires, all aspects of the average performance, apply to the vast majority of weather conditions.

08 tread with silicone formula tires What are the advantages?
Silicon-containing tires can still show good grip performance on low-temperature weather and wet slippery surfaces, thus providing a high level of safety. In addition, silicon-containing tires have less rolling resistance, helping to save fuel.

09 tires in the running bar a nail, tires and no leakage, is not necessary to deal with it?
Tires with a nail even if there is no leakage in time to repair, tie a nail tires there are security risks, high-speed driving will be prone to puncture. It is noteworthy, do not unplug the nail, such as pull out there may be a significant leak phenomenon, resulting in the car can not open. At this time, the owner can replace the spare tire to repair the tire. If there is no leakage can not pull the nail first, slow travel to the maintenance site and then check the maintenance.

10 tire rolling resistance can affect vehicle fuel consumption?
As each wheel rotates, the tire deforms due to load-bearing forces when the tire is in contact with the road surface. With the deformation of the tire structure, its components will become hot, and part of the energy transmitted by the engine loss: This is the rolling resistance phenomenon.

Since the energy required for vehicle operation is provided by fuel combustion, excessive rolling resistance can lead to excessive fuel consumption. Mori Kylin tire products can not sacrifice other properties under the premise of effectively reducing tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

In addition, if the tire pressure is too low, the rolling resistance of the tire will increase, so when driving to check the tire pressure, the tire pressure to maintain a reasonable range.

11 how to prevent tire puncture?
Survey shows that 70% of the highway accidents are caused by the tire. So the cause of the puncture is also one of the key to prevent accidents. In particular, there are many factors tire puncture, the following analysis from several aspects:

1) improper loading tire lead to tire. Tire loading process is very critical to the safe use of tires, tire installation must choose a professional tire shop, tire workers also need to undergo rigorous training. Otherwise it is easy to install the tire when the bead will be cut, resulting in security risks. At the same time, new tires must be replaced with new valve, installed after the tire to carefully check the rim of the valve and the rim is not leaked, so as to avoid running gas lead to puncture

2) high pressure lead to puncture. Often high pressure is not a direct cause of tire puncture, but too high air pressure will increase the rigidity of the tire, resulting in the impact of tread tread structure increased chance of damage, thereby increasing the risk of puncture

3) air pressure is too low lead to puncture. Most people worry that high pressure easy to puncture, while low pressure comfort will increase, so we often find that the general situation of low air pressure is more. But the fact is that air pressure lead to a higher risk of puncture. The reason is the lack of air pressure in the case of high-speed, sidewall flexion increased heat to speed up the emergence of "standing wave" phenomenon, and ultimately lead to puncture is like taking a wire, bending the greater the speed, the faster Will break the same. So we suggest that in a long time high-speed traffic, the air pressure should be increased by 10-15%

4) Trauma leads to puncture. Trauma is the most common cause of tire puncture, including impact, cut and so on. Especially the sidewall is very thin, easily damaged by trauma leading to puncture.

In summary, there are many factors tire puncture, but from the above analysis, we are not difficult to find some rules, which we prevent the occurrence of puncture is also very helpful. Here we summarize a few suggestions for your reference:

1) Choose a regular professional tire shop to buy and install tires, equal to your tire from the beginning to give you the last insurance

2) Always check your tire, especially tire pressure. We often say that "air pressure is the life of the tire," so please check the tire pressure before the long-distance driving is normal, if necessary, to the nearby professional tire vendors for testing. Also note that the tire pressure check and adjustment must be carried out in the cold tire. In addition, if you find abnormal tires, please consult a professional tires dealer in time.

3) to develop good driving habits, not speeding, try to avoid Jicha emergency stop.

12 What are the causes of abnormal tire wear?
Tires because of its tread, structure, different formulations have different wear resistance, but also because of use, use of the environment, driving habits, vehicle conditions and other factors have different wear and tear effect.

In summary, the impact of tire wear and tear a lot of factors, abnormal tire wear can usually find out the following reasons:

1) whether the tire selection does not match the intended use. For example, the pursuit of comfort, high-speed tires for taxis; or winter tires for other seasons.

2) If the tread rubber drop off a serious block, then the poor road conditions.

3) If the middle or both sides of the tread wear too fast, please check whether the tire pressure is too high or too low, adjust the air pressure to a reasonable level, and the entire vehicle tires cross-transposition before and after

4) If the tread is unilateral wear or wavy, feather-like deformity wear, please go to a professional tire dealer for four-wheel positioning or chassis parts inspection

13 how to deal with vehicle deviation?
There are many factors that cause vehicle deviation, such as vehicle toe angle, camber and other poor positioning of four wheels, road arches, wind direction, and tire-related factors such as partial grinding, pressure imbalance, taper effect. Vehicle deviation phenomenon can usually find out the reasons through the following aspects, and make the appropriate treatment:

1) Check whether the tire tread is eccentric wear phenomenon, if any, please go to the professional tire dealer for four-wheel positioning and adjustment, while the tire transposition

2) Check the tire pressure on both sides are the same, if inconsistency is adjusted to the same standard

3) Transposition of the entire vehicle tire, once again confirmed

If you still can not find the reasons for vehicle deviation, please contact the car 4S shop.

14 Tire noise causes?
Tire noise is a kind of automobile noise, its produce mainly has three aspects:

First, the tire rolling, the tread groove compressed air and the noise generated by the release;

Second, the carcass elastic vibration generated when the noise;

Third, the tire driving in the depression when the road surface of the "pump effect."

This shows that the main tire noise and tire design and road conditions are related. If you are sensitive to noise and want a quiet driving space, we recommend you to choose the tire when buying comfort, environment-friendly tires


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