The company participated in the 7th China International Rubber Tire Exhibition

The 7th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire and Automotive Parts Exhibition opened at Guangrao International Expo Center in Shandong Province from May 15 to 16. Headquarters is located in Guangrao International Exposition Center, China Share participated in the international tire industry event.<br />

The exhibition gathered many well-known tire brands in the world. Given the influence of the platform, it can be imagined that the major tire brands will go all out to show the strength of their brands to exhibitors around the world. This is undoubtedly the best opportunity for a new brand to observe the operation mode and marketing ideas of the world&#39;s top brands. Therefore, the new product listing, new technology display, brand promotion and publicity, has become the favorite of the exhibition.<br />

At the exhibition, Sino-Share displayed the company&#39;s new pattern product series and the best-selling commercial and passenger tyres as well as engineering tyres in Latin America. A feature film was circulated to introduce and publicize the brands of Le Luchi, Quick Dalai, Zhengdu and Sachi. Customers expressed their trust and recognition in the quality and service of Sino-American products. New and old customers from Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Canada, Mexico and other countries and regions came to the exhibition to communicate and express their cooperation intention with the staff of China and the United States. Through face-to-face communication, Sino-Share has a more intuitive understanding of market feedback, a more in-depth understanding of the specific situation of Latin American market, the actual sales methods of each customer and the specific problems currently facing it; at the same time, it has introduced Sino-New sales policies and market development plans to relevant customers and passed them on to them. We will try our best to do a good job of market confidence with customers, enhance mutual trust with customers, and lay the foundation for further market expansion.<br />

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