new energy e.VANTI EV7

Product description:
new energy
Technical characteristics:

Special asymmetrical pattern design, asymmetrical pattern design, provide better handling; with the inside irregular fold line design, reduce noise, comfortable ride experience. Multi-pitch and optimized groove width design, more pitch and optimized narrow groove width design, better silence effect, while improving mileage, improve handling performance. Silencer noise reduction patented technology, hexagonal plus lightning cut-off silencer, high and low dislocation interference, disturb the longitudinal gully flow velocity and direction, break the rhythm of energy storage, reduce resonance. With a high degree of identification of the exclusive design, tire side decorative pattern with lightning, EV, battery and other new energy exclusive logo. ELEC Power low heat generation low rolling resistance special formula, with high-performance tire special solution poly-butadiene styrene Sprintan 918S formula, improve grip, reduce rolling resistance, ensure range; The use of textured cis-butyl can reduce the heat build-up and improve the wet-slip resistance of the tire, and 200MP silica is used to balance the rolling resistance and wear to ensure the service life of the tire.

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